Friday, February 19, 2010

Adventures in Legal Land

Mid-2004 interview with Marc Stevens, anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist/libertarian, author of "Adventures in Legal Land", and host of "The No State Project" (a weekly radio show discussing news and issues related to the law, courts, and personal liberty, with a particular interest in considering free-market alternatives to government-provided services). 

Marc's perspective is that the very concept of government is based on numerous dishonest and misleading labels and presumptions that amount to a complex public relations scheme. He has invited government supporters (including newsworthy politicians, lawyers, judges, reporters) to debate him on his radio show, stating that he wishes to focus only on "facts, not opinions" (he continues to observe that most of those invited have initially accepted, only to cancel at the last moment). 

Marc Steven has also acted as a legal consultant in various traffic, tax, and drug cases, but now primarily offers seminars discussing the concepts covered in his book, including role playing among partipicants. The interview in this video primarily focuses on these issues, i.e. the violent coercive nature of government, and how those in the justice system (esp. the courts) can and do contradict themselves when asked the most simple and reasonable questions. 

The video is from his website , where you can also find audio archives of dozens of other interviews, as well as numerous articles that help expose the reality that representative government is a fundamentally impossibility, for starters. Marc's "No State Project" is broadcast Saturdays on the Republic Broadcasting Network at (with previous episodes archived there as well)

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